Telamon OverviewOverview

Telamon Corporation’s goal is to simplify business. Learn more about how we do just that for our customers throughout our 5 business units: telecom solutions, business process solutions, energy solutions, industrial solutions and medical solutions.

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Telecom Solutions

Telecom SolutionsTelecom Solutions

Telamon delivers high-quality engineering, installation, and integration services to customers in many market areas. We simplify telecom solutions in virtually any environment.

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Energy Solutions

Energy SolutionsEnergy Solutions

Telamon reduces your energy costs and improves your productivity and sustainability with solar and energy efficiency solutions at your fingertips.

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Industrial Solutions

Industrial SolutionsIndustrial Solutions

As experts in process design and assembly services, Telamon produces and facilitates the delivery of our customers’ challenging products, such as modular assemblies, service kits, and 3PL activities. We simplify our customers’ business to reduce their headaches and total cost of ownership.

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Medical Solutions

Medical SolutionsMedical Solutions

Telamon sources and manages the logistics and movement of medical material from production to consumer. Easier. Faster. We streamline your supply chain.

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Business Process Solutions

Business Process SolutionsBusiness Process Solutions

Telamon is driven to increase your productivity and efficiency with secure, zero-hour transaction services for document management, transportation, and healthcare. We strive to make these areas more simple and streamlined while reducing expenses for your company.

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Simplifying Business

Established in 1985, Telamon Corporation is based in Carmel, Indiana. Our goal is to simplify your business by increasing efficiency and streamlining operations.

We specialize in solutions for telecommunication networks, business process outsourcing, energy efficiency, industrial assembly, and telehealth services. Telamon, the Greek word for “support”, is uniquely positioned as a minority-owned company. We continuously exceed customer expectations and standards and have been recognized globally through numerous awards and certifications.

Welcome to Telamon. We look forward to simplifying your business.