Telecom Capability

Maximizing Densification through Infrastructure Buildout

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Site Development

An industry-leading provider of site acquisition and A&E services, Telamon has extensive experience across a myriad of projects including macro sites (mods, new builds, generator adds, etc.), small cell, and in-building.  Over the course of our 25-year history in the wireless industry, Telamon has managed and performed site development services on over 60,000 sites.  Telamon services a national footprint with project management, site acquisition, engineering team members located in markets across the entire country and Professional Engineering (PE) licenses in all 48 contiguous states.

* In North Carolina, no land surveying is provided by Telamon or its affiliates, and all engineering is provided by an associated entity, Telamon Tower Engineering,      PLLC, or another third-party entity licensed to provide such services in North Carolina.

Assembly & Integration

This team provides assembly, provisioning, and testing of configurations in a centralized, efficient and environmentally controlled facility. Configurations are customized to specific client requirements and every configuration is tested to quality standards. With 100+ work cells and a fully trained staff of technicians, Telamon has the capacity to build 60,000 fully integrated cabinets each year.

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Installation & Construction

The largest of Telamon’s Telecom operating groups, this organization includes several hundred engineers, installers and construction/installation managers who complete over 5,000 jobs each year. With a national installation team and multiple material staging facilities across the country, this team supports work from coast to coast. Operating on a large scale and in critical environments for multiple carriers and broadband service providers, this team performs network engineering, on-site field surveys, and installation/configuration/testing in central offices, MSCs, data centers, C-RAN hubs and customer premise locations. This team also performs small cell construction in the ROW.


Primarily focused on RF design, site acquisition, A&E design, installation, commissioning, and optimization, Telamon’s in-building team has deployed distributed antenna systems in hundreds of venues, stadiums, hospitals, and other buildings across the country.

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Telamon is a full service power supplier performing all types of DC power installation work – from the simplest to the most complex – within all network environments. Our experience includes but is not limited to all types of DC power work, such as full power plant installations, power plant upgrades, battery installations/removals, bus bar modifications/additions and installation of BDFBs. Telamon has the experience, resources, tools and processes to provide top quality installations on-time, every time. We can and do perform DC power work in central offices, remote terminals and anywhere else in the network. Telamon also has experience installing power products manufactured by a wide range of OEMs including GE Power, Vertiv/Emerson, Peco, Alpha, Enersys, C&D, GNB and SAFT.

Supply Chain

This team provides purchasing, warehousing, inventory management, logistics and other supply chain services to Telamon business units and external customers. Telamon has multiple warehouse facilities across the US, staffed with experienced logistics personnel. In addition, Telamon has a state-of-the-art ERP system that provides full product visibility throughout the supply chain, supports a wide EDI transaction set, and provides comprehensive reporting for both customer and internal use. Telamon manages a high volume of business, shipping more than $300M of product from our warehouses each year.

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