Telecom Quality

Maximizing Densification through Infrastructure Buildout

Telamon devotes significant time, effort and investment to ensure Quality is embedded into all our processes – from overarching infrastructure down to each individual product and service delivery.

Telamon created two distinct and dedicated Quality Assurance departments. Both departments have established a comprehensive set of tools and measurements to guide the day-to-day operations

  1. Corporate Quality Program – governance established to ensure overall compliance with our QA system and procedural structure
  2. Telecom Business Unit Quality Program – Dedicated organization to oversee training and individual workflow procedures to ensure that each program meets or exceeds all quality standards

Telamon has rigorous quality assurance procedures that monitor its processes, systems, training, tools and output to ensure that all deliverables meet customer requirements and are fulfilled within the agreed upon timeframes

 Telamon has been TL9000 certified since 2001 and is an active registered member of the QuEST Forum.