Industrial Blog: Anticipating The New Year!

I have always been a car guy. Even when I was a kid, I was a car guy. It’s odd because no one else in my family was even remotely interested in cars. When I was a little kid (and, no, I did not have a pet stegosaurus), I loved Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. I loved those little friction racecars, too. I’d push the car to the floor, pull it backward and then…wait…I could feel the tension in the little springs inside the car wanting to unleash the built up energy…I’d aim the car carefully and then let it go! It would shoot across my bedroom floor and crash into whatever obstacle I had created for it to destroy.

Of course, it took planning and execution to create the desired destructive effects.

As Christmas is fast approaching, the manufacturing world prepares for the year to wrap up and to a great extent, shutdown for the rest of the year. What happens during that time reminds me of my younger days when I would plan those little destructive scenarios in my childhood bedroom. This is the time of preparation and suspenseful build up…waiting for the next year.

Playing with those cars, I learned that the more planning and effort that went into each scenario, the more spectacular the result. So, I take this time of year to check in with all of the folks that I am working with on the customer side to remind them that we are still here and we eagerly await an opportunity to help each of them achieve their goals.

I remind them that this is what we do. We help them achieve their goals three ways:

  • By Simplifying the Management Processes
    We Facilitate Fiscal Responsibility

    • By Purchasing the Inventory, Improving Your Cash Flow
    • By Controlling the Inventory & Managing Your Supply Base, Improving Your Allocation of Resources
  • By Simplifying the Manufacturing Processes
    We Improve Efficiency

    • By Eliminating Inefficient, Off-Line Assembly & Kitting Processes
    • By Opening Manufacturing Floor Space, Allowing Greater Flexibility
  • By Simplifying Your Business
    We Provide Peace of Mind

    • By Using Our Interlocked Assembly System: Ensuring Quality (14 PPM FY12)
    • By Using Our State of the Art MRP System: Ensuring On Time Delivery (99.5%)

So, as you prepare for New Year, consider the benefits of contacting Telamon Industrial Solutions to help you meet and exceed your goals for the next year with spectacular results!

-John L. Weeks
Director of Sales – Industrial Solutions

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