Telamon Provides End To End 5G Solutions Via Deployment Ready™ Services

CARMEL, INDIANA – May 21, 2019 – Telamon Corporation, the $750M wireless and wireline telecom services provider to the Carrier market, today announced the company is installing fully operational 5G racks and advanced 5G telecommunications equipment in Carrier central offices and at wireless node sites across the Midwest. This Deployment Ready ™ 5G Service is currently operational with one national carrier and is now commercially available across the United States. Deployment Ready™ 5G Service combines customized staging, build, and testing of each rack in our Whitestown, IN assembly center, inventory materials management via our advanced ERP system and a highly trained, high quality team of EF&I technicians in the field to power and install services.

“The rare commodity is the field operations resource, whether they are tower climbers, technicians in bucket trucks installing 5G on a pole or technicians in the central office. Building and assembling these racks in our advanced integration facility in Whitestown, IN, allows those Telamon technician resources to work in the field on processes that can only be done in the field – installing and powering the racks for commissioning and integrating into the network. Our technicians consistently deliver the highest quality and we want to free them from non-field related, repetitive tasks that take time from installing the complex 5G configuration,” said Randall P. Muench, President of Telecom division of Telamon Corporation.

5G rack density and forecasted bandwidth requirements drive the pace and need for significant 5G footprint expansion. In the LTE environment, a cabinet might have 1-2 radios. With 5G, a rack will have 24 radios. In some central office locations, a single rack might be required, while others will require 5 to 8 5G racks. This density drives CO reconfigurations, power upgrades and services installations. Telamon’s Deployment Ready™ 5G Service will allow carrier project teams to cost efficiently exceed installation targets and stretch installation budgets.

Telamon has the capacity to handle 1,000,000 shelves and over 6,500 fully built, integrated, and tested cabinets annually. Telamon eliminates time, risk, cost, and complexity in wireless, data center, and central office deployments. Connecting indoor with outdoor, Telamon installs necessary equipment to carry transmissions across all our clients’ various technologies, from Central Office Fiber, to Telecom Rooms at business sites, to Rooftop and Tower Specific Cell Site Hubs. Simplifying business has been a cornerstone for Telamon since inception, and the Deployment Ready™ 5G Service truly simplifies the client 5G installation process.